Monday, October 15, 2007


My kids are starting to think I'm actually quite cool. (I'm talking about the one's I live with.) But, I've had to learn a whole new language first! I can now blog, twit and flikr with ease. I organize my links in I even make use of an aggregator to manage my RSS feeds. No, not the evening meal, the RSS feeds. But the thing that impressed them most, was my weekend animation exploits. I have just discovered Apple's 'I can Animate'. What fun! My kids and I (and I have four aged 12 to 17) spent a couple of hours creating fun little animations. The attractions of the World of Warcraft was abandoned to play with their Mum!

The implications for use in class are limitless. I showed my class the projects today, and they're so excited. Some of my most challenging boys are planning to bring their lego men, and are looking forward to the next Writing lesson, so that they can write their script! These are kids that have been reluctant to write more than 2 or 3 very poorly constructed sentences at a time. Eager, willing and animated!

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