Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To blog, or not to blog?

I overheard someone saying that to blog, was a bit like 'blowing your own horn'. Well, maybe it is, but maybe the bloggers out there just love writing. Or talking. Or sharing their thoughts.

Why does it appeal to me? Is it just that I like the 'sound' of my own voice. Or do I have something worthwhile to say? Or is it just the flavour of the month? I honestly don't know. But I'm loving it. It gives me a reason to write. A reason to share my thoughts. And I might just get some communication from out there, which will expand my world!

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  1. Hi Raenette
    Every now and again I ask myself why I blog. I think you are either a blogger or not. There are quite a few reasons why I blog. Firstly, it is an effective way to store resources and my thoughts about things. But secondly as teachers, we are always finding cool things and wanting to share that knowledge around. If I find something that I think is educationally worthwhile then I post it on my blog, I can always point people in that direction later. However, the biggest thing I have found after blogging for quite a while now, is that I love writing! Always have! But I have never had a reason or opportunity to write so frequently before. And my writing has got better since I write so often now. It then makes me think about my students and the limited opportunity they have for authentic writing both at school and also as adults. We hardly ever write creatively. Blogging is a great tool for both professional development and for student learning.

    So why do I blog? Because I'm a blogger :)