Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to the future with Skype Screen Share!

My class and one of my fellow students, Debbie McSkimming's class, just had the most awesome Skype audioconference! The Year 7 and 8's from her school are studying 'What's New?' and my Year 5's were eager to share the technology we have been using!

Both Debbie and I stayed well in the background, and the whole call was run by the kids. We knew what questions were going to be asked, which was just as well, as we were having sound difficulties.

From my side it was really easy, as I just had to get the kids on the mat, let the office know to do no speaker calls, and plug in my laptop to the Smartboard. I know Debbie had to book a room, and maybe she can tell you herself how her technical setup worked.

I had the new version of Skype downloaded, and it has a great new feature: Screen Sharing. My kids were able to share their projects, like digital animations, digital storybooks, blogs, Glogs and so on, by just sharing our screen. How cool is that!

As a child I remember watching Star Trek and they had all sorts of special communication methods, long before Skype. Remember? Well, beam me up Scotty ... we're in the future!

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  1. Hi Raenette

    Thanks for today it went really really well.

    As stated Raenette's class and my class called each other today which was heaps of fun and great way to see e-learning in action.

    I used our schools Video Conference Room which is a great facility. We have a HUGE tv 72inch that has an eBeam attached and many great features. We use this room to Skype, Watch Video's/DVD's, Model computer use and also use our calves as it is a wireless space.

    Today was a great experience to see kids in action with e-learning and using technology to enhance there education and world.