Tuesday, October 7, 2008

uLearn 08 is here!

Here I am, waiting for my first breakout of this year's uLearn '08 to start. It's a marvellous day, I had a great breakfast, and I'm still buzzing from yesterday's pre-conference breakout on photography!

Breakout One: David Kinane (Turning the Supertanker) is just introducing himself, and will be showing us how to use Mogulus to start a TV network. He has set up a wiki, and you can have a look for yourself!

Have to go! I'll keep you posted... What breakouts have you been at, and how are you finding it?


  1. Glad you are so inspired by the conference guess you are twittering away. This mornings Keynote was worth listening too and inspirational even though I have heard some of the stuff before. It is good to revisit and refocus...Self directed learning workshop now.Glad to be online line at last....Trish

  2. Hope that you enjoyed the session? Let me know your channel name that you set up with your students and I will keep tabs on it. If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me.