Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open source tools for you to use!

I had an email from Adrienne Carlson today, telling me about her informative blog post : 100 Best Open Source Apps for Educators.  Have a look!

Some of the ones I liked were 
  • Penzu, a journalling site with opportunities for online journalling for our students. 
  • WordSift, really handy for visualizing words, especially when teaching reading comprehension strategies.
  • UDL Book Builder - cool tool for creating digital story books.
By the way, she also has an interesting blog post for iPhone enthusiasts, 100 iPhone apps for Academic Types.  This blog is definitely worth adding to your RSS aggregator!  Definitely worth checking out - make sure you have loads of time, though.  Her '100 lists' will keep you busy for a while!  Have fun!



  1. These are very helpful! I just found something very cool on here. It's called 'Mando' and it allows you to create an interactive whiteboard. If you have your computer connected to a camera and a projector, you can use a laser pointer to control the computer in front of the class. This sounds like a great idea! I will probably use some of these freebies in the future when I start my teaching.

  2. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the resources in your blog entry with my middle grades students. Thanks!