Monday, September 15, 2008

Ahoy Ye Landlubbers! Talk like a Pirate Day coming up!

I read about an interesting event on Amanda's blog: It's 'Talk like a Pirate Day' on Friday, 19 September! Everyone on Twitter is also talking about it. Check out the cool wiki and add to the Voicethread with your class.

It sounds like so much fun: - I'll be planning a fun Pirate-themed day for my class for Friday! After our week of production, it will be just the right way to end a busy, busy week...


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  1. We've been into Talk like a Pirate Day for a couple of years now at my school. This year the juniors and middles made special masks and sang a pirate song for me (because everyone knows I'm into Talk like a Pirate Day). If you go to YouTube you can watch a 'tutorial' about how to talk like a pirate called "The 5 A's".
    I really like reading you blog - it's very interesting, not to mention helpful!!
    Hope you're having a good holiday.
    Mark Buckland.