Friday, May 23, 2008

I've just gate-crashed a Voicethread!

I feel a bit guilty for joining in the conversation uninvited, but it was just so interesting, and so real to my teaching, that I couldn't resist joining in! Serves you guys right for making it public!


  1. Fantastic discussion. Didn't go through the whole thing, so didn't see or hear your contribution, but some really interesting topics were covered there.

    Thanks for following me on Twitter so I would come to your blog and find this!

  2. Hey Raenette,

    My name is Bill Ferriter, and I'm the creator/moderator of the Web 2.0 Voicethread that you crashed!

    My only apology is that I didn't get your comments approved sooner! They were terrific, and I'm glad that you added to our conversation.

    I'm also glad that I found your blog...Looking forward to poking around a bit and I hope that we'll cross digital paths more often.

    Rock on,