Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Encourage Effective Learning

We all know that effective learning occurs when...
  • Student autonomy and initiative is accepted and encouraged
  • Teacher asks open-ended questions and allows wait time for responses
  • Higher level thinking is encouraged
  • Students engage in dialogue with teacher and each other
  • Students engaged in experiences that challenge hypotheses
  • Class uses raw data primary sources, physical and interactive materials
  • Knowledge and ideas emerge only from a situation in which learners have to draw them out of experiences that have meaning and importance to them
Derek writes: "In my experience these are exactly the sorts of learning experiences that many of these emerging social web applications enable and encourage."

This brand-new state-of-the-art 21st Century pedagogy was first written about in....
1915 by John Dewey in his "Constructivist Pedagogy". Makes you think about how much progress we've made in the last 100 years in education, doesn't it?

These are my top ideas for using Web 2.0 tools in class, to encourage the type of learning experience John Dewey was dreaming of:

Tip #1
Class Blog: Use blogging software such as Edublogs or Blogger to create your class blog. In a Primary class, it works well to have one student log on username and password, and let them publish their best writing and pictures. I let my class look at our blog every morning just after we've done the roll, and the excitement is always great if we have a comment. The clustermap also lends itself to a quick Atlas search to find out who our readers are!

Tip #2
Class Wiki: I like to use Wetpaint. (You can ask for the ads to be removed, if it is an educational wiki. You can also use PBWiki. For me a wiki is the ideal showcase for students' work. You can create a page for each project, and students can add a page for themselves, on which to add their notes, links and work. Students can edit and comment on each other's pages, and you can have a discussion thread going. This is also something parents can access (but not edit, unless you let them.) My class wiki is still under construction, but it will be used as a sort of filing cabinet to store our work digitally.

Tip #3
Voicethread: This is something I've just learnt about, and I can't wait to try it out in class!

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  1. Hi There.
    I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I've recently had a couple of PD sessions about the use of Web 2.0 as a motivating tool in the classroom. So have just got started my on journey with it. Really enjoying reading your blog and ideas. Thanks so much for the inspirations.